Ultraviolet Light: The Good, The Bad, And The Sun

Summer is officially here, which means more time spent outdoors and soaking up the sun. While all that fresh air and activity is great for your health, it’s important to remember that sun exposure has its limits — and too much of a good thing can cause lasting damage. From the backyard to the beach, here’s what you need to know to keep you and your family happy and healthy all summer long.

I started using E-Lyte about two months ago. I was having terrible upper leg cramps at night if I even slightly over-exerted during exercise. While I know that my age is playing a role, I don’t believe that I should be experiencing these types of cramps so often. It was very discouraging. Then when I saw the ad for E-Lyte , I thought “why not?” I can’t believe the difference. I have had only one cramp since starting E-Lyte and I think that happened because I forgot a dose on the day of the exercise in question. I am very pleased with E-Lyte and would recommend it to everyone!!!

Kathleen DeanMarlton, NJ

For the last 12 months or so I have been having problems with my legs. At night I would have bad leg cramps. So finally I went to, not one but two doctors. They both said everything was fine. In the waiting room of the second doctors office was a bike magazine. On the last page I saw your product and ordered it. All I know is that today I can sleep because I am not having legs cramps.

Mike Huggins Dickinson, TX

Why do I use E-Lyte sport? In a perfect world I would have been an athlete of some sort and use E-Lyte sport anyway. However life is not perfect. I was born with a genetic mutation disease called neurofibromatosis type 2. NF2 leaves a person predisposed to developing tumors on their hearing/balance nerves, optical nerves, brain and spinal cord. Due to this, I am deaf since age 23 (36 now), born blind in one eye, have a paralyzed right hand, leg weakness. Presently I have several brain tumors (menigiomas) and spinal cord tumors. I do not know for certain what the future holds for me healthwise but I do everything in my power to keep my body free of toxins and balanced by using certain nutritional supplements and electrolytes. Simply put, since E-Lyte sport is the best, I chose to use that and feel it really helps me in this fight against nf2.

Cindy Henrion Clearwater, FL

I ordered your product (ElyteSport) recommended by two very serious athletes. The delivery was on time but the box had only the invoice and a page explaining about the product. There was no product in the box even though it was properly sealed. Disappointed I called your 800 number and a very friendly and professional lady answered with an immediate solution to my dilemma. She Fed Ex the product the next morning to my hotel in Dahlonega, Georgia and on time for the Six Gap Century I had registered. It was the first time I tried your product and after climbing over 11,000 feet of six mountains in about 8 1/2 hours my legs felt like new. ElyteSport had replenish all the electrolytes used plus more. I know I would have cramped for sure and thanks to your product I had the best ride of my life.

Michael H Fletcher Coral Gables, FL

My name is Jacob; I am a martial arts practitioner, and also a diabetic for 12 years. I used to cramp on my muscles since my training workouts are 1 hr – 2hrs long; I lost a lot of my electrolytes. I was looking for a sports drink that could replace my lost electrolytes without all the sugar that is when I began using E-Lyte , it is truly a great drink that gave me what I needed for all my workouts and helped me recover faster.

Jacob Montalvo Harlingen, TX
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